Thank you to those who came out to our playground clean up day in August: Natasha and Ed Watson, Abby Tibbetts, & Eldonna Skahill! 
We really appreciate your time and effort to get our playground ready for the school year!


Welcome to the new school year!
Each month we will put out a newsletter with helpful reminders and information.  Some information you can only find here, so don't forget to take a few minutes to check it out! :) Let us know if you have any questions!

Please have your child wear their VMPK T-shirt on Thursday, September 13th.  We will be taking class pictures to make a thank you card for the generous sponsors listed on the back of the shirt.  Their sponsorships allowed each of us to receive a t-shirt at no cost to the preschool!  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in sponsoring us next year, please let us know so we can contact you in the spring.

Drop off and Pick Up Procedures
     Your child's class begins at 8:15.  Please do not arrive before 8:10, so we may have time to prepare our classroom for the day.
    When dropping off your child, please
in a parking spot on the Elementary side.  Please do not park along the curb at morning drop off. You MUST walk your child into the building.  There is also a sign in sheet for the children.  As the school year progresses, they will become more confident signing their name.  It is not our expectation for them to be able to do this fluently at this time.  We are giving them the opportunity to practice -- and they seem to think they are pretty important when they have a job like this! :)  Please continue to encourage their independence as they "sign" their own name. 
   Preschool ends at 11:05 a.m. We will bring the kids to you.  We ask the kids to wait until the teacher calls their name. This helps us make sure we get everyone to the correct driver and keeps our "very important people" safe. :) 
Our Parent Handbook does include information regarding late fees for pickup.
Please let us know if your child will be picked up by someone different than their usual driver.


Please notify us if your child is unable to attend due to illness. You may reach the preschool at 996-2030.  We have voicemail so you can anytime and leave us a message  -- even at 2 a.m.!  (We feel really bad when we give you a call and you've finally gotten a sick child to sleep!!)

It is important that you call rather than email.  We have just a short amount of time each day with your child and we want to use it to the fullest.  We do not check emails during the school day.  

 If your child develops a virus or infection which may be transmitted to others, please be sure to let us know. Although toys are sanitized daily at preschool, it is impossible to keep everything from spreading. Confidentiality is maintained, but it is important for us to notify our families in case their child develops similar symptoms.  Thank  you!!

   Book Orders
     Your child will be bringing home book order forms several times this year.  These are a great way to get great books at an inexpensive price!  I have set up online ordering for September. (I have requested order forms and will send them home as they arrive.)  You can access them anytime -- no need to wait for the order forms.  For each online order, you will help earn FREE books for our class!  You can order at:

Class Activation Code online ordering:


Order Due On or Before:
September 21st
    I would highly encourage online ordering.  However, if you prefer, you may fill out the order form (after you get it next week :) on the last page and send it to school with your child before September 21st.  Please make your checks payable to
"Scholastic" (they do not accept cash!) Your child's order will arrive with the others and will still allow our class a chance to earn free books and materials.

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Tuition Envelopes

Tuition is due on the first of the month. Towards the end of each month, we will place an envelope in your child's folder as a friendly reminder that tuition is due.  Please place your payment inside. When Mrs. Skahill is going through backpacks in the morning, she will pull out the payment for us so we can get it recorded.

If you have paid ahead and you mistakenly receive an envelope, please just place a note on it so we know to pull it out of your child's folder.  

If you find that your tuition payment is a burden on your family, scholarships are available through 4RKids based on your financial needs.  Please let us know if you would like more information

Don't forget to check backpacks each night for any artwork and other important papers!! :)
What do we do at table time?
    In the morning when you drop your child off, they take care of their backpacks, sign their names and then wash their hands.  When they are finished with their routine, they come to the table to work on some activities we have set out.  
    Some of the activities on the tables may include puzzles, pegboards, counting, rhyming, beginning sounds, etc.   Through "playing" these games, children are practicing valuable skills in math, fine motor, language arts, critical thinking, social skills, sharing, etc.
     This is a big learning time for us!  Your continued on-time arrival makes sure that your child does not miss out on this valuable experience!  Everyone has done a great job so far!

    Snack time is also a learning time in our preschool.  We enjoy sitting with the children and working on conversational skills and manners.
    Just a few reminders regarding what to bring for snacks. We will send home the snack basket to help remind you. We put a snack calendar on the outside if you lose your copy at home.
    You may bring unflavored skim or 1% milk. A half gallon is plenty of milk for the T/Th class. (Sorry, we cannot serve Soy or Almond milk without a doctor's note)  The juice must be 100% juice. (Don't be fooled by the 100% Vitamin C label they put on the front! Usually it states near the ingredients the percentage of juice.  It MUST be 100% juice per DHS regulations.) Please send a container of at least 64 oz. to make sure we have enough for the kids. We will send home leftovers at the end of the day. 
    Another one of the regulations refers to the serving size.  Although they are a favorite of kids, unfortunately, GoGo Squeeze Applesauce and GoGurts (yogurt) have a serving size that is too small.  If you had yogurt or applesauce on your list, please refrain from sending these types of packages in.    
    We do have a few little ones with food allergies.  To help keep them safe, please also send the ingredients list with your snack. We appreciate your help!!

Contact Information
We look forward to a great year!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You may reach us at 996-2030 or by email at: 

Physical and Immunization Records
Within 30 days of your child beginning school, we must have on file a copy of their physical exam completed within the past 12 months and their immunization records.  If your child is due for another one during the year, don't forget to get a copy for us! :)  You can find the form here. You only need to have pages 3-4 filled out and signed by your child's physician.

Sign In!
Your child is beginning the journey to literacy through learning to recognize their name and letters in their name! One of the ways we work on this is through "signing in" every morning. Children move through developmental stages with writing and it is o.k. if your child is not yet able to write his or her name. Part of what we are doing is teaching them that writing has a purpose. It is fine to work on just that first letter of their name or even letting them do a scribble at this time.  They feel very important signing in independently!


Upcoming Events

eptember  1   Tuition due
                  4    NO SCHOOL - Labor Day
                  13    Wear VMPK t-shirts 
                  21  Book Orders due