Happy Valentine's Day!

   As always, please be sure to send mittens, hats, etc. with your child so they are comfortable playing outdoors.  We have had several kids without mittens.  Although we have a few to share, we don't have enough for everyone.  Bringing some every day is appreciated! :)  If there is snow on the ground, the kids will need snow pants and snow boots in order to play on the playground area.  (This is a similar rule to the Elementary) 
     In case of delays or cancellations, we will follow the Van Meter Schools.  If they cancel or delay 2 hours, we will not meet.  If, however, they delay 1 hour, we will hold classes.
     In case of early dismissal due to weather, we will contact you as needed.

Library Books
We will be sending home library books this week!   Your child will need to return it each Tuesday to pick out a new one.   
Please be sure to return the book in the plastic bag with the paper inside.   The bag helps to protect our books! Thank you for supporting your child's literacy development.

Dramatic Play Post Office
 We will be opening our Post Office in our dramatic play area soon and will be encouraging literacy development as children write and "mail" letters. We are looking for the self-addressed return envelopes that many companies send or any old stationary you might have.

       Reach for the Stars Grant
We have applied for and been awarded a Reach for the Stars Grant through the ISU Extension Office and 4R Kids. Through this grant, we will be purchasing Outlast Blocks and wheelbarrow for our playground to encourage gross motor, and creative block building outside. I can't wait to see what they create! Watch below for a demonstration video to get a glimpse at what will be coming soon!

Outlast Blocks

Valentine's Party
      We will be celebrating Valentine's Day at school on Thursday, February 14th. We will decorate Valentine bags at school to collect our Valentines.
Please  just write your child's name in the "from" section, and do not fill out the "to" section on the card, in order to help our delivery process. (We have 15 children in our class.) 
    We are in need of a few parents who would be willing to come in around 9:15 a.m. to help the kids pass out their valentine's.  If you are able to help out, please let us know.
     We are also in need of a family to bring some special napkins and plates for our snack.  If you are willing to do this, please email Mrs. Wilson.  Thanks for your help!

Thank You!
We have been using some of our gift cards from the holidays for supplies. We were able to purchase consumables for Valentine's Day, a new printer cartridge, large sized chart paper, and new vehicles and road signs for block play. We greatly appreciate your generous donations.

Spring Conferences
We will send out a sign up in a few weeks for parent teacher conferences on Tuesday, March 12th and Thursday, March 14th.   We look forward to sharing your child's learning with you!

Upcoming Events

February 1 - Tuition Due 
                  5 - Vision Screening
14 - Valentine's Celebration 
                18 - NO SCHOOL

March      1 - Tuition Due
                   12, 14 - Parent/Teacher conferences
                 18-22  - NO SCHOOL
                      Spring Break Begins
                 23  - School Resumes