Welcome to School!
    What an exciting adventure we have started!  Thanks everyone who joined us for our "Discovery Day!"
     Last spring w
e began making plans to move into our new classroom -- and what a classroom it is!  We are so excited to have all of the additional space for learning!
     There are many people we need to thank for helping to make this happen.  On a sunny day in June, we were able to use trailers and pickup trucks to move all of our materials from the old preschool building.  Our moving crew included Board Members Lisi Harkins, Monica Cole and Sharlotte Peterson.  We also had several Boy Scouts help out.  They were Issac Benton, Connor Corcoran and Ben Trent. Other members of our crew included Curt Peterson, Paul Schlueter, Chris Schlueter, Jerry Eslick, Kim and Steve Steelman.
     We have many others to thank for helping to equip our classroom and make it shine....
* Van Pelt Painting for giving our classroom a fresh coat of paint -- it looks great! 
* Kelly Bell and this staff at the Van Meter Schools
did a great job getting everything ready for us to move in. 
*Mike and Sue Anderson
gave a donation allowing us to purchase a dehumidifie
r and an iPod Touch.
* Professional Rescue Innovations
purchased a new shed for our playground. 
     Please be sure to tell them thanks next time you see them -- what a great way to serve!

     A BIG thank you to all of those generous families who have purchased and delivered items from our "wish list" we had up at open house!  We will be putting all of the items to good use!

Drop off and Pick Up Procedures
     Your child's class begins at 8:30.  Please do not arrive before 8:25, so we may have time to prepare our classroom for the day.
If you arrive on the school grounds before 8:25, you will need to park in a designated parking space.  To keep the parking lot running smoothly, the school district has asked that we do not park next to the curb before 8:25 a.m.
You MUST walk your child into the building and sign them in.  (There are a lot of rooms and hallways for little ones to get lost in!) There is also a sign in sheet for the children.  As the school year progresses, they will become more confident signing their name.  Please encourage their independence as they sign their own name.
   Preschool ends at 11:20 a.m.
We greatly appreciate your promptness! We will typically be on the playground at this time and will dismiss directly from there. If we are inside due to rain or other weather conditions, please wait outside the classroom until dismissal time.  Since many surrounding classrooms may be at lunch or recess, we ask that you be considerate to the others so as not to disturb their learning.
Our Parent Handbook includes information regarding late fees for pickup.

Please remember to notify us
 if your child is unable to attend
due to illness. You may reach the
school at 996-2030. 

Book Orders

     Your child will be bringing home book order forms several times this year.  These are a great way to get great books at an inexpensive price!  I have set up online ordering for September.  Your child will bring home flyers and directions on how to do this very soon. Our class will earn a FREE book each time someone places their order online! 

Class Activation Code for
September's online order:

Order Due Date:
September 13th

    If you prefer not to use online ordering, you may fill out the order form on the last page and send it to school with your child before September 13th. 
Please make your checks out to "Scholastic" (they do not accept cash!) Your child's order will arrive with the others and will still allow our class a chance to earn free books and materials.
    With the move into the school building, I have had to change the address, account number and etc. with Scholastic.  I am currently  in the process of resetting up our online ordering. If you have any trouble with it, please let me know.

Happy Shopping!
Labels for Education
    Last week we sent home a collection sheet for you to put your Labels for Education points on to turn in.  These points are found on many of the things you may already have in
your home.  All you need to do is clip them from the packages and attach them to the collection sheet.  When the sheet is full, send it back to school and we will send you a new one. The labels you send in allow us to earn points to spend on items we can use in our classroom.  Last year we were able to order a new drying rack for all of our art projects.  It was a great addition to our classroom!
Nikki Reha has graciously agreed to again be our coordinator for this program -- thank you Nikki!!

     A monthly calendar will come home towards the end of each month.  I will try to include upcoming events, as well as the snack schedule.  We are required to post what is served.  I will use the snack list which you provided in your enrollment papers to list what will be for snack that day.  It looks like the kids like many of the same things, as there are many repeats on the list.  If you are willing to "go out on a limb" and occasionally allow a substitution, let me know.  I will try to put some variety in there! :)
      In the Ladybug class, we have 11 kids and 3 teachers.  Our snack time is not only used as a time to give the kids a break and fill their bellies, but we also use it as a teaching time.  Before we eat, we wait for everyone to be served and we tell our snack helper "Thank Y
ou".  Both Mrs. Eslick and Mrs. Schlueter sit at the table with the children to model manners and carry on a conversation.  This helps to build vocabulary, listening, questioning, patience, taking turns..... Did you know that you teach that every time you sit at the table for dinner?
     As you shop for the snack your child will be bringing, there are a few things to keep in mind.  The juice must be 100% fruit juice.  I have seen many juices with "100%" that catch my eye.  Then when I read closer, they are "100% Vitamin C".  By looking closer on the label, I have found that many times those products may only have 5% fruit jui
ce in them.  We are unable to serve these.  Please look carefully for the words 100% Fruit Juice if you choose to bring juice.  The milk may be 2%, 1% or skim white or chocolate milk.
     This year we have 4 children between our two classes with food allergies! (
The Ladybugs have 2 of those children in their class.) We are working with these families to make sure we serve the children snacks that are safe for them.    If you bring something those children cannot have, we will be sure to supplement.  Please be sure to send the snack in the original package with the ingredients listed so we do not serve them something they cannot have!!
    For birthdays, we will just list "birthday treats" on the snack calendar. 
You will find what they actually had on their Daily News. There are no dietary guidelines for birthday and special occasion treats.  We just ask that you refrain from bringing cupcakes.

Contact Information
We look forward to a great year!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You may reach us at 996-2030 or by email at: vanmeterprek@gmail.com
Please note,since we are attending to the  kids all
morning, emails will not be addressed until later in the day.

Need a shed???

     Our old shed was too big to move to our new playground.  We are accepting donations if you or someone you know is interested in it.  It is a wooden shed approximately 9ft x 10 ft. and there is no floor in it. It is in good condition, but could probably use a coat of paint.  If you are interested, please let us know.  There is also some chain link fencing available. You will need to have it moved before September 25th.


Upcoming Events

Sept.      5   NO SCHOOL -- Labor Day
            6  Happy Birthday Bella!
            7  Board Meeting at Pre-K, 6 p.m.
           12 Red Wheel Fundraiser packets
                            go home

20  Happy Birthday Josie!
             21   NO SCHOOL
          23  Red Wheel Packets Due

And now for your reward of reading the WHOLE thing :)..... click on the "play" button below to see a slideshow of our kids.