Welcome to Spring!!

Save the Date
      Saturday, April 9th is the Van Meter Elementary School Carnival from 5-8 p.m.!  There will be games, prizes, raffles, concessions, silent auction baskets and lots of fun!
     Friday, May 13th will be the Rainbow's  last day of school.  We will start our day out with our normal drop off routine.  At 10:30, you are invited to join us for our Graduation celebration!  We will put on a short performance and then you can join us for (what the kids are really waiting for....) cake! :)  Please watch your child's backpack for more information as we get closer to the date!

Learning Games
      There are so many ways that your child picks up new skills!  Sometimes just watching you do something leads to a new skill for them...sometimes that's good and sometimes not so much! :)  Here are a few simple games that you can play with your child to help practice those skills:
     - I Spy (letters, numbers, introduce a
         new shape...)
     - Matching - A fun twist on this game is to make double prints of family photos.  You can then turn them over and play with the traditional matching rules.
     - Shapes - Cut out circles, squares and triangles.  Hide them throughout the house and have them find and name them.  You could even include hexagons, pentagons, octagons....
     - Echo - Show your child a pattern and have your child repeat it. (Ex: clap-clap-stomp)
      - Opposite game - Name and opposite and see if they give you the opposite (This works for rhyming words too! :)
Read to the Class
    We have had several parents and grandparents who have come in to read to the kids.  If this is something you like to schedule, please let us know!
Labels for Education
      We will be sending in another Labels for Education collection.  If you have been saving them up, please turn them in no later than April 22nd to get them in with this shipment. Unfortunately, we have learned that Campbell's had decided to discontinue this wonderful program that has helped us purchase many items for our classroom.  They will be focusing their efforts on different ways in which they can give back.  We will collect these -- but don't stop saving!  You can turn in the rest you have collected on/before the last day of school.  Please let us know if you need more sheets to glue them on to.

Pasta Night Fundraiser
    We will be having our Pasta Night Fundraiser on Thursday, April 21st.  This is a great event for our preschool!  We will need help from parents and would love for you to join us for dinner!! 

     It's that crazy time of year again when it tends to be chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon.  So that brings me to the question....how do I dress my kids in the morning?  Our playground is fairly protected from wind, but it still tends to be a little chilly in the morning when we are outside.  Please dress your child appropriately to keep them comfortable.

Outdoor Fun Day!
     Our annual outdoor "Fun Day" is Thursday, April 21st.  Both the Bumblebeeand Rainbow classes will attend.
     Drop off and Pick up for the day will be at Trindle Park.  This is located south of the school on R Ave.  Turn west on Richland Circle to get to the entrance of the park.
    We will meet for our regular class time from 8:15 - 11:05.  Be sure to dress for the outdoors!! :)  Hopefully we will get lucky and it will be nice and sunny for this event!! 
     Because this is considered a school day for the Rainbow Class, there will be no preschool on Friday, April 22.
     We will need several volunteers to bring a snack and volunteer to help us on this special day. Please let me know if you can help us out.

Upcoming Events

April    7 - Board Meeting
           9 - Elem. Carnival, 5-8 p.m.
          13 - Spring Dental Screenings
          15 - NO SCHOOL
         21 - Outdoor Fun Day!
         22 - NO PRESCHOOL

May   13 -  Last day of preschool
                 GRADUATION, 10:30 A.M.