Supplies your child will need this year:

(You may bring them to Open House)


• 1 zippered pencil bag – no boxes please!

8 traditional primary colored crayons with child's name on each one

    (MWF class - please choose the regular size crayons.  TTH Class - please choose the size of crayons your child is most  comfortable with - regular vs. large.  We LOVE the washable ones! :)

        A backpack large enough to fit a folder

1 Sturdy 2-pocket folder (with no clasps)

• 2 glue sticks

Watercolor paints with 8 colors

1 Spiral 70 sheet Notebook

          • 1 bottle of "Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Daily Sanitizing Spray" (MWF
             class only - Please buy this specific product.  We use it for sanitizing purposes. 
             Let us know if you have any questions)

• 2 thin black dry erase markers

1 box of kleenex

2 rolls of paper towel

Clorox Wipes (TTH Class only




Please mark all supplies in BLUE with your child's name.  Thank you!