Welcome to Fall!!

Thanks for everyone who participated in the RADA fundraiser this year!!  I think we have some future salespeople in our presence! :) 

We still have Younker's coupon books.  If you would like to purchase one they are $5.00 each.  The entire $5.00 stays at the preschool and you get a $10.00 off coupon for an item $10.00 and over.  Looks like a win-win! The sale is November 8-11th.

If your child is sick and unable to come to school please call us at 996-2030.
    Good news -- we have 24 hour voicemail! :) If you know at 2 a.m. that your child will not be at school, feel free to leave us a message so we will not wake anyone up when we call to check up on you!

Delays and Cancellations   
      I feel kind of funny about writing this already - but eventually it may come up! :)
     In the event of delays or cancellations, we will follow the Van Meter Schools.  They will post this information on Channels 5, 8 and 13, as well as their website www.vmbulldogs.com.  If they delay school 1 hour, we will hold our school day beginning one hour later than usual, or 9:15 a.m. If the Van Meter Schools cancel or delay for 2 hours, our Pre-Kindergarten will not meet that day.

The Van Meter Bulldogs are going to the Dome!
Van Meter will play West Lyon on Saturday November 11th at 1:06 PM. They will be selling tickets this week in the secondary office. Ticket cost is 10 dollars. You may also purchase tickets on line if you would like. The following is the information for online orders: Here is the link: https://unitix.uni.edu/
Click on “Buy Tickets” Click on “Presales/Promotions”
Promo code: VMBulldogs 
You must enter to promo code to avoid additional fees.

Combat Hunger

The third grade math classes have joined forces with STAR 102.5’s COMBAT HUNGER to benefit the Food Bank of Iowa. The preschool will be participating as well! Below is a list of their themes. Feel free to bring a theme item, or any item which will help feed the hungry. We will collect the items in our classroom. (And we'll probably talk about the boxes too! :)

11- 9 THURSDAY: Boxed-up Thursday (any box items – including cereal)

11- 10 FRIDAY: Fruity Friday (canned fruits AND 100% fruit juices)

11-13 MONDAY:  Meaty Monday (canned tuna, chicken, fish, spam, or peanut butter, or SOUPS)

11- 14 TUESDAY: Toiletry Tuesday (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, diapers, toilet paper)

11-15 WEDNESDAY: Veggie Wednesday (canned veggies)

Let’s join forces and help to Combat Hunger!

     With the change in the seasons, brings the change of weather.  Although the afternoons tend to be warmer, the mornings when we go outside are usually cool.  Please be sure to send all the clothing needed to keep them comfortable.
     We will continue to hold outdoor large motor activity time as long as the weather cooperates.  We use the Child Care Weather Watch guidelines produced by the Healthy Child Care Iowa to determine if the Wind Chill Factor is safe for outdoor play.  We will not go outside if the wind chill is at or below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  On other days, please be sure to send all the clothing needed to keep your child warm and comfortable! 
        As you begin to dig out the gloves and mittens, I thought I would pass along a little bit of information about your preschool teachers..... WE LOVE 
MITTENS! :)  (no individual finger slots - only thumb) We feel that it is important for your child to learn independence while at school (and hopefully it helps you at home too).  We do ask that the children dress themselves, or at least try before we give assistance.  Many children tend to get frustrated with gloves that you have to put each finger in and need help.  Helping one child put their 10 fingers in takes a short time.  Now imagine helping to put 180 fingers in -- it's doable, but cuts into our playtime!  If you have them, we'd love for you to send mittens where the only finger hole is for the thumb.
      Once the snow begins to fall, please be sure to send boots. The children will not be able to wear them in the classroom so an additional pair of footwear for them to wear inside is also appreciated!

Just a reminder that we must have a copy of your child's physical exam that has been completed within the last 12 months.  If you are headed in to the doctor's office, don't forget to get us a copy.

Upcoming Events:

                 15  HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                        ALEXANDER AND
                 16  Board Meeting
                 22-24 NO SCHOOL
                          Happy Thanksgiving!
                 28  HAPPY BIRTHDAY
December 25 - January 2  NO SCHOOL
                                         Winter Break