Do you recognize anybody in this picture??

Field Trip
     Thank you to all of the parents who joined us on our field trip -- what fun we had!  The Van Meter Community is a great one to be a part of!!! We got very lucky too with our weather!

Pasta Night
     The Van Meter Pre-K Board will soon be sending out information regarding our Pasta Night Fundraiser on Tuesday, November 15th.  We will need lots of volunteers to make this a success!!  We have done this fundraiser for several years and it is a very popular one!
     Since the tuition we charge is only a portion of what is needed to cover all of our expenses, fundraisers such as these allow us to help keep our tuition costs down.  (It's also a great way to meet more families in your child's class!)
     Please be sure to mark your calendar and join us for a shift!  More information to come......

Labels for Education
     Thank you to everyone who has been saving and sending in their Labels for Education!  We are continuing to collect them to earn free products for our school!
     We will soon be sending home some special fall collection sheets -- now is the time to glue them on these special sheets!  For each 4 labels you glue to the sheet, they will give us an extra 50 points (4 labels = 54 points -- WOW!!) these sheets need to be turned in by November 30th so they can be processed and mailed in in time to receive all those points!
     Also, remember that labels are worth different points.  Some are worth 1 point, 5 points and some are even 10 points!  Please take this into consideration as you paste your labels. Any time you need more sheets, let us know!

Drop off and Pick Up Procedures
       Just a reminder that if you arrive at school before 8:25, you will need to park in a designated parking space.  To keep the parking lot running smoothly with all school drop offs, the school requests that we do not park next to the curb before 8:25.
     Preschool ends at 12:00 p.m. Our parent handbook includes information regarding late fees for pickup.  These begin to be assessed at 12:05.  We greatly appreciate your promptness!

Board Meeting
     Just a reminder that we will have a Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 2nd at 6 p.m. at the preschool.  We are in need of at least 2 more members to join our board.  This includes the positions of secretary and co-treasurer.  By joining our board, you will need to commit to attending one meeting per month, lasting approximately one and a half hours. To help provide consistency, this is a two year term. I hope you will consider taking on this important position in our program and joining this great group of parent volunteers!

     With the change in the seasons, brings the change of weather.  Although we have enjoyed some nice days lately.....sooner or later the white stuff will fall!
     We will continue to hold outdoor large motor activity time as long as the weather cooperates.  We use the Child Care Weather Watch guidelines produced by the Healthy Child Care Iowa to determine if the Wind Chill Factor is safe for outdoor play.  We will not go outside if the wind chill is at or below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Please be sure to send all the clothing needed to keep your child warm and comfortable!
      Once the snow does fall, please be sure to send boots!  The children will not be able to wear them in the classroom however, so please send an additional pair of footwear for them to wear inside.

Delays and Cancellations
    I feel kind of funny about writing this already - but after the storms out in Colorado and the East Coast, I guess I'd better bring it up! :)
     In the event of delays or cancellations, we will follow the Van Meter Schools.  They will post this information on Channels 5, 8 and 13, as well as their website  If they delay school 1 hour, we will hold our school day beginning one hour later than usual, or 9:30 a.m. If the Van Meter Schools cancel or delay for 2 hours, our Pre-Kindergarten will not meet that day.

Paint Shirts Needed
      We are in need of 5 "paint shirts" for our students to use when working on messy projects.  We have found with our larger class size for our 4/5 year olds, we no longer have enough.  We need approximately 5 men's short sleeve dress shirts, no bigger than a size large.  If Dad or Grandpa is cleaning out their closet and find some old ones they are ready to get rid of (or maybe it is Mom or Grandma doing the cleaning :) we'd love to take them off your hands!

     Congratulations to Bella and her family.  They welcomed new brother Bennett into their family!!

Upcoming Events:

November 1 --  Happy Birthday Jane!
                 2 --  Board Meeting 6 p.m.
               15 --  Pasta Dinner Fundraiser
               23-25 NO SCHOOL
                          Happy Thanksgiving!