Happy Valentine's Day!

We have been having a great time growing and learning all year!   We are continuing to becoming more independent at school.   The kids are getting pretty good at getting ready to go outside by themselves.  We are working on zipping our coats and putting on our mittens by ourselves.  WOW!  Even though it may take a little longer, please continue to encourage them to take care of their own backpack and coats in the morning. I know it is a lot easier to take care of it yourself, but think of how much easier it will be when they start doing things on their own at home! :)
      I would also encourage you to think about what learning experiences you can give them at home as well.  This might include putting away their own clothes, setting the table, sorting the socks....Although it probably won't be the same way you would do it, I bet their excitement for completing the task would be worth it -- well, at least until they figure out that you are really putting them to work! :)
   As always, please be sure to send mittens, hats, etc. with your child so they are comfortable playing outdoors.  We have had several kids without mittens.  Although we have a few to share, we don't have enough for everyone.  Bringing some every day is appreciated! :)  If there is snow on the ground, the kids will need snow pants and snow boots in order to play on the playground area.  (This is a similar rule to the Elementary) 
     In case of delays or cancellations, we will follow the Van Meter Schools.  If they cancel or delay 2 hours, we will not meet.  If, however, they delay 1 hour, we will hold classes.
     In case of early dismissal due to weather, we will contact you as needed.

Library Books
We will be sending home library books soon!   Your child will need to return it each Tuesday to pick out a new one.  (The kids are always excited to look for their next one!:) 

Please be sure to return the book in the ziploc bag with the paper inside.   The ziploc helps to protect our books and the paper has a number on it that we keep track of for our records. We hope you enjoy having some different books to look through! :)

Spring Conferences
Be sure to check your email for spring conference sign ups!  We will hold them March 1 and 6th.  We look forward to sharing the wonderful things your child is learning!

Child Development
Don't you wish that children came with an instruction manual?  I know it would make my life easier! :) Parentivity is a free online resource with information tailed to the age of your children.  It send helpful tips and relevant information based on the your child's age.  You can find this resource at


Valentine's Party
      We will be celebrating Valentine's Day at school on Tuesday, February 13th.  Please help your child create a box or bag for others to deliver their special valentine's in.  (Because of our limited space and large number of children in both classes, please do not bring in your box until the 13th.)
     As with all holidays in preschool, we do make the day special for the kids with seasonal treats and activities. However, we do not do a big party.  We have done so in the past and the kids were upset because they did not have time to play.  Therefore, we figure every day in preschool must be a party! :)

    To make it easier for the children while delivering, please do not address the
valentine's to a specific child. (We have 13 children in our class.) Don't forget to have your child join in the process of getting these ready -- what fun they will have! 
    We are in need of a few parents who would be willing to come in around 10 a.m. to help the kids pass out their valentine's.  If you are able to help out, please let us know.
    We are also in need of a family to bring a drink and another family to bring some special napkins.  If you are willing to help us out, please email Mrs. Schlueter.  Thanks for considering!

Please let us know if you would like to set up a date to come in and read to the kids!

Movies Anyone?
Just a reminder that if you happen to be going to a 3D movie soon, we would love for you to "recycle" your 3D glasses here at our preschool.  We take the lenses out and the kids LOVE to wear them in our dramatic play area! 

Junk Mail Anyone?
Is your mailbox filled with junk mail like mine is?  If you find that you are receiving some of these unwanted items, we've got a deal for you! :)  We are looking for the self-addressed return envelopes that many companies send.  We will be opening our Post Office in our dramatic play area soon and thought those would be fun for the kids to play with!  Please send them in whenever you get them. (If we don't use them this year, we can next year!) Thanks for your help!

Upcoming Events

February 1 - Tuition Due 
               13 - Valentine's Celebration
                        Please send in Valentine 
                        boxes today. 
                25 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                26 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

March      1 - Tuition Due
                  1, 6 - Parent/Teacher conferences
                 12-16  - NO SCHOOL
                      Spring Break Begins
                 19 - School Resumes