A few reminders to start the year...
Welcome to the new school year!  It was great to meet so many of you at our Open House on Monday!  It looks like we will have a busy year together!

Your child's class is called the Bumblebees.  Our first day of school is Tuesday, August 21st.  You may begin coming into the room at 8:25 and school begins at 8:30.  Please remember, that this is our "Discovery Day."  An adult must attend with the child.  This will allow them to experience the fun of preschool while having a trusted person nearby.  We will have have some table time, large group, centers, snack and play outside.  On this first discovery day, when you feel that your child has reached his/her limit, you are welcome to go.  On Thursday, we will have a full morning.  Let's hope it is all smiles!!

Please call the school at 996-2030 if your child will be absent from school.

Physical and
Immunization Records

Within 30 days of your child beginning school, we must have on file a copy of their physical exam completed within the past 12 months and their immunization records.  Please be sure to turn those in!

Contact Information
We look forward to a great year!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You may reach us at 996-2030 or by email at: vanmeterprek@gmail.com. Please note, since we are busy with the children all morning, emails will not be addressed until later in the day.
Drop off Procedure
Your child's class begins at 8:30.  Please do not arrive in the classroom before 8:25 so we may have time to prepare the classroom for the day. If you arrive on the school grounds BEFORE 8:25, parents are to enter the east entrance and park near the Secondary Building.   AFTER 8:25, you may enter near the west entrance and drive up to the Elementary doors.  You may then park at the curb to bring your child in.(This policy is only in effect for preschool children) For our children's safety,  the school district will lock the gate and the Elementary entrance after school begins. If you are late and the gate and doors are already locked, you must enter through the secondary office and sign in before proceeding to our classroom.(Don't forget to sign out again before leaving the building!)

Pick Up Procedure
Your child's class dismisses at 11:20. For regular pick up, please pull your vehicle up along the Secondary Entrance.  We will bring the children down to you. 

If you need to pick up your child early, you will have to sign in at the Secondary Office before coming to our classroom. (Don't forget to sign out again before you leave the building!)

Upcoming Events

August 21      First day of school~
                      Discovery Day
                     * An adult must attend
                       with child

September 3    Labor day - NO SCHOOL
                17   NO SCHOOL