Happy Spring!!

We have had a very busy year! Your child(ren) has grown and changed a lot this year!  They have also become more independent (much to our dismay! :)  When you arrive in the morning with your child, please keep this in mind.  Your child should be responsible for hanging up their own coat and taking care of their own backpack.  As they sign in and wash their hands, please stand back and let them take care of business on their own.  If your child still has some separation issues, as they get involved in their activity, it would be helpful to begin stepping a little farther back.  Keep in mind that you are not required to stand with them while they do their morning activities.  If your child is ready, feel free to say your good-byes and go.  We just ask that you make sure a teacher has made eye contact with you so we know they have arrived. :)

Save the Date
     Thursday, April 20th will be our Outdoor Fun Day. See more information on this page.
     Thursday, May 18th will be the Bumblebees  last day of school.

Learning Games
      There are so many ways that your child picks up new skills!  Sometimes just watching you do something leads to a new skill for them...sometimes that's good and sometimes not so much! :)  Here are a few simple games that you can play with your child to help practice those skills:
     - I Spy
     - Matching - A fun twist on this game is to make double prints of family photos.  You can then turn them over and play with the traditional matching rules.
     - Shapes - Cut out circles, squares and triangles.  Hide them throughout the house and have them find and name them.
     - Echo - Show your child a pattern and have your child repeat it. (Ex: clap-clap-stomp)
    - Go Fish - this is a great numeral naming and matching game!
Read to the Class
    We have had several parents and grandparents who have come in to read to the kids.  If this is something you like to schedule, please let us know! We would love to have you!!
 Outdoor Fun Day!

Our annual outdoor "Fun Day" is Thursday, April 2oth.  Both the Bumblebee and Rainbow classes will attend.
     Drop off and Pick up for the day will be at Trindle Park.  This is located south of the school on R Ave.  Turn west on Richland Circle to get to the entrance of the park.
    We will meet for our regular class time from 8:15 - 11:05.  Be sure to dress for the outdoors!! :)  Hopefully we will get lucky and it will be nice and sunny for this event!! 
     Please remember that your account must be up to date with all fees paid in order to participate.  This includes tuition, late pick up fees and fundraising hours completed or fee paid.
     We will need several volunteers help us on this special day. Please let me know if you can help us out.  It will be a fun morning!!
Pasta Night Fundraiser
    We will be having our Pasta Night Fundraiser on Thursday, April 6th from 5:00-7:15.  This is a great event for our preschool!  The funds are used to help provide new materials for our classroom.  We appreciate those families who have signed up to help.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!!  If you helped in the spring and are looking for something to do on Thursday night, we can always use a few extra hands.  Please let us know!

   It's that crazy time of year again when it tends to be chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon.  So that brings me to the question....how do I dress my kids in the morning?  Our playground is fairly protected from wind, but it still tends to be a little chilly in the morning when we are outside.  Please dress your child appropriately to keep them comfortable. With all the rain, it has been pretty muddy.  If you find that your child is dragging a lot of mud around on their shoes, we would appreciate it if you could send an extra pair of shoes in their backpacks to change into while in the classroom.  We spend our mornings on the floor and sitting in mud just isn't much fun.

Special Thanks
A special thanks goes out to United Way of Central Iowa.  We applied for, and received, grant money to buy some furniture for our classroom.  We will soon be receiving a new cupboard to store our manipulatives in, a new set of drawers to store our crayon bags in and even some new toys!!

Please see the attachment below if you are interested in applying for a scholarship for next year.  It is based on financial need.  Please use the contact information on the form for questions.

Upcoming Events

April   1 - Elementary Carnival
          6 - Pasta Night, 5-7:15
          7 - NO SCHOOL
          20 - Outdoor Fun Day, ALL attend
               Board Mtg.
               HAPPY BIRTHDAY

          21 - NO PRESCHOOL
          22 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

 May  18 -  Last day of preschool 
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Apr 4, 2017, 3:35 PM