Our Mission

Van Meter Community Pre-Kindergarten provides a safe, nurturing, child-centered learning environment which is enticing, creative, and stimulating. It is our goal to prepare students to be life-long learners. This will be accomplished by recognizing the value of each individual and promoting academic and personal growth in a challenging and caring environment.


Van Meter Community Pre-Kindergarten has provided quality preschool education experiences to children in Van Meter and the surrounding communities since 1979. During the Spring of 2011, plans were made to move our program into the Elementary School.  Our continuing partnership with the Van Meter Schools allows us to meet the needs of all children, including those with special needs.

Our Pre-Kindergarten is a non-profit, non-discriminating state licensed program.  Our program is overseen by a group of volunteer board members.  We adhere to the Iowa Quality Preschool Program standards (QPPS) through the Iowa Department of Education. Through the Department of Human Services, we also participate in the Iowa Quality Rating System (QRS) Program.  Our staff is experienced, professional, and dedicated to making your child's early education a positive one. 


Our preschool uses Creative Curriculum®, a research-based curriculum addressing all areas of early learning: language and literacy, math, science, physical skills and social skills. 

We also use the Project Approach. The Project Approach is an in-depth investigation or research of real world topics (trees, pets, wheels, etc.) It includes highly engaging activities which allow students to be active participants in their learning.  Teachers support children as they begin to form questions and guide them to discover the answers through their investigations. Experts in the community are resources as the children investigate topics, and field site visits serve to deepen children’s understanding during project work.


Committed to Communication

Van Meter Community Pre-Kindergarten values the partnership between school and parents.  Our families are kept informed of classroom learning experiences and their child's development through email updates, monthly newsletters and parent/teacher conferences twice a year.